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Hair colour and style
Reading with Red Fox and Friends
Red Fox: People are all different; we have different body parts that make us special. Hair is part of the body that is different for everyone. What type of hair do you have?
Tiffany: Look. I have black hair.
Red Fox: Short, medium and long tell us the length of someone's hair. Tiffany what is the length of your hair. Is it short, medium or long?
Tiffany: My hair is long Red Fox. What is the length of your hair?
Red Fox: My hair is short and the colour of my hair is red. Red is one of many hair colours;
Tarit the tiger has orange and black hair!
Tiffany: Did you know that there are other hair colours Red Fox? Black hair like mine, red hair like yours and brown hair like Aaryan's.
Red Fox: Yes, Aaryan has black and brown hair. Jade the
dragon has a yellow colour hair; we call this blonde.
Tiffany: Did you know that when you get very old your hair can turn grey?
Red Fox: Yes, my grandma and grandad have grey hair!
Tiffany: What type of hair do they have? Is it straight, wavy or curly?
Red Fox: They have straight hair, just like yours Tiffany.
Tiffany: I like curly hair. Did you know that very, very curly hair is called an afro?
Red Fox: Yes, I know. People have all different types of hair. It is what makes us special.

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