Red Fox Education Offers

exclusive and personal "one-on-one" tuition with native English Speakers

to deliver outstanding online lessons at affordable prices.

Speak English with Confidence

Speak English with Confidence

Red Fox Education for students

Red Fox Education for schools

About Red Fox Education

Online Tutoring Demonstration

English Course Structure

All our lesson materials are designed by qualified British teachers to meet international standards. Red Fox Education offers different types of online English courses, depending on your requirements.

Pricing Plan

Usually students have one lesson a week, but you can arrange more lessons if you want.

Offering 30 and 60 minute

online Lessons

How to Connect?

We use reading books, practice vocabulary and use text based systems to check students understanding

You will need to use one of these devices for our classes
and have a stable internet connection

Computer, Laptop, or ipad

Why Choose Us

Because we use innovative technology to help students learn and use English with confidence

Reading in English

Improve the students reading in English

Oral English

Improve the students Oral English

Listening skills

Improve the students English listening skills

Learn English Vocabulary

Increase the students English vocabulary

English Speaking

Help the student to speak English with confidence

Mobile Apps

Mobile app is available in Appstore and Playstore for download in the name of Red Fox Education.

Red Fox Education