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Designed, created & delivered by educators from the United Kingdom for students willing to take online classes or learn at their own pace.

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We train students of all ages (Kids & Adults) to communicate confidently in English with engaging, interactive, and communicative teaching methods.
English Foundation
English Foundation

Strengthen your English foundation by building your fluency and pronunciation to communicate with confidence and clarity.

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Our phonics course follows internationally recognised teaching methodology to help children develop their phonemic awareness.

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Spoken English
Spoken English

Achieve fluency and clarity along with being able to present ideas with ease.

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Public Speaking
Public Speaking

Improve presentation skills, such as pronunciation and intonation, and the pace of speech. Improve confidence and develop future leadership qualities.

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Stories For Kids in English
Red Fox Story Time

Develop a reading habit. To be able to come up with creative ideas and develop a story independently.

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Reading English
Reading Classics

Help students establish systematic reading skills by teaching students to analyze characters, settings, and plots.

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Business English
Business English

Develop corporate language skills, effective communication, precise conveying of ideas, and team play.

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IELTS training for students aiming for University Admissions at home and abroad.

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Creative Writing
Writing in English

Learn correct sentence structure, use of multi-clause sentences including a range of different types of clauses, correct punctuation ad how to write longer texts.

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Why learn through Red Fox Education
Classes by best British and Indian Tutors
Mapped to the International Standard Curriculum
Choose your class timings and learn from anywhere
Delivering customized learning based on the student's learning pace
1-1 Guidance by personal mentor
Videos, Audios,
Tests & Worsheets
How can we help
Here are the answers to the most common questions. Still, can't find answers? Contact us!
What is Red Fox Education?
Red Fox Education is an Indian brand that has created the World's first Online British School; we aim to provide the best online English learning service and offer the widest range of products and services such as Live online classes (British & Indian tutors), Self-learning courses, Certification courses, Tests and Assessments, Podcasts, Quizzes, Stories, Ebooks, Blogs, Videos, Audio Flashcards, and many more learning modules.
Can I speak like a British person if I study at Red Fox Education?
Yes! Our British tutors conduct live online classes via a video conferencing system and help improve your English in real time. All the learning materials, including Videos, Audios, Tests, and Worksheets are created by British tutors. If you keep attending classes & practicing regularly you can perfect your British accent.
Does Red Fox Education offer Online Classes?
Yes, Red Fox Education offers Online Classes with the best British & Indian Tutors for English, Spoken English, Business English, IELTS, Maths, and Science.
Does Red Fox Education only offer Online Classes?
No, Red Fox Education is also an online courses learning platform that offers the industry's best English courses designed & created by experts from the United Kingdom.
What is Red Fox Education's Premium subscription?
Red Fox Education has been involved in the continuous process of creating excellent English courses for students of all ages who want to improve their English in all 4 modules (Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading) and work towards an internationally recognised standard of proficiency. By subscribing to the Premium plan, the student will have access to all the Premium self-study courses, certification courses, Podcasts, Quizzes, and many more Premium learning modules.
Does Red Fox Education offer a free demo class?
Yes, Red Fox Education offers one 15-minute free demo class with an Indian tutor for students wanting to take online classes with an Indian tutor. We also offer a demo class with a British tutor for a nominal fee.
What curriculum system Red Fox Education follows?
All the lessons are closely aligned with the UK National Curriculum, teaching the core elements of the English language. We have designed a complete curriculum for all students throughout their school life, from Year 1 (KS1) to Year 9 (KS3), plus more specific examination preparation for Years 10 & 11 (KS4).
Will Red Fox Education help prepare students for GCSE examinations?
Yes, our general aim for students in Years 10 & 11 (KS4) is to help them prepare for the GCSE examinations in English language and literature.
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