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I’m sure the mission at your school is to teach your students in the most effective way. Right? Well, please take 4 minutes to read on …

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What we do

Online class

Red Fox Education is an online education provider and we deliver customized learning with maximum impact by combining innovative technology with core teaching methodology.

Our completely flexible approach means that we can provide additional learning opportunities for any areas that might be of benefit to your school and its students.

This is often the provision of value added additional lessons to complement existing English learning and can be tailored to concentrate on improving spoken English and/or reading comprehension and/or listening skills and more.

Alternatively, we can also provide full service teaching of full English curricula to all or specific year or key stage groups.

How we do what we do

We are committed to service excellence – take a look at these features which are offered as standard:
Expert teaching
from fully experienced, fully trained and fully committed British or Indian tutors
Integrated learning
so that students progress in all key areas in accordance with your requirements – listening, reading, speaking and writing, as well as developing vocabulary, improving grammar, accent reduction and better pronunciation
Best Quality study materials
designed by our expert content creation team from the UK
The Red Fox Education mobile app
available to all of your students so they can study anytime, anywhere and have access to many more English learning resources.
Competitions and quizzes
designed and offered as part of our school package
Course completion certificates
from Red Fox Education for any additional app- based courses undertaken by students.

How it works

So how does this work in a school classroom?

Well, firstly, we work with the school in setting up the necessary equipment and technology. Our experienced, passionate and committed educators deliver the lesson remotely sharing our learning platform with the students who view everything on an oversize smart TV situated in the classroom. Teachers and teaching assistants help with class management.

School Classroom
RedFox school proposal RedFox school proposal

Benefits for Schools

  1. The opportunity to forge mutually beneficial relationships between your school and our professional educators.

  2. Achieve the best possible outcomes for your students through combining your own expertise with that of our British tutors, thereby bringing additional perspectives and knowledge to the learning table.

  3. Access to digital resources and platforms that bring innovation to school education and ensure better learning outcomes.

  4. The Red Fox Education mobile app – assign additional courses, quizzes, tests, and more ‘edutaining’ materials so that your students can continue their learning journey outside of the classroom.

Benefits for Students

  1. The opportunity to engage, interact, and practice their English with native speaker tutors.

  2. Access to high-quality learning materials prepared to international standards.

  3. Tool-based learning opportunities via website or smartphone.

  4. The Red Fox Education mobile app to continue learning at their own pace outside of the classroom.

  5. Access to additional materials such as podcasts, blogs, tests and quizzes, story books, classical literature online library, unique speech buddy feature to practice English on your phone, and much more.

Learning outcomes for Students

As they progress through lessons and interact with our British teachers students will be able to and/or attain the following:

1. Serious improvement in spoken English abilities, including fluency, coherence,cohesion, accent reduction and use of correct pronunciation features.

2. Learn new vocabulary and improve grammatical accuracy and, therefore, be able to speak and write more fluently using more colourful and correct English.

3. Improve English comprehension skills, both written and spoken, through interactive Q & A sessions with the tutor.

4. Development and enhance their confidence when speaking and using English through interaction with British tutors

5. (through a combination of the above) confidently take part in conversations about familiar topics in English with other English users.

Specifically for younger learners:

6. Develop phonemic awareness leading to the ability to recognise and follow regular patterns of words which helps with reading, listening and speaking.

7. Build a wider vocabulary through learning words in context in stories and other learning materials within lessons with our British tutors.

Specifically for senior students:

8. Academic achievement in international examinations – we can provide programmes to prepare for GCSE, International A Levels and similar qualifications in the spoken elements of English language AND English Literature.

9. Success in international English proficiency tests for university admission, such as IELTS or PET – we provide a full IELTS programme designed by an expert IELTS writer, instructor and former test examiner.

It's your choice!

Whatever your requirements we are confident that we can provide a solution!

We offer an initial consultation where our representatives will visit your school and discuss your precise requirements, explaining how Red Fox Education can help you and your students.

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