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Red Fox Education Conduct Guidelines

“Education for a better life”
Guiding Principles

Dear Tutor,

Red Fox Educations Conduct Guidelines are, at the simplest level, a description of the conduct we establish for all our tutors to comply with laws and ethical practices wherever we do business. It is a living document that we regularly review and update.

We want you to be successful, committed and happy when you are tutoring our students. We want to deliver excellence and recognise that in order to do this, we need a very high-quality content of lesson materials, as well as technologically advanced support and organisational tools to enable you to deliver successful lessons in a positive online environment. We view the online classroom as the future of education, one where students can access a British based curriculum, anywhere, at an affordable price for parents, who would otherwise be unable to access this level of education.

Workplace Environment
  1. The tutor should conduct lessons in a well-lit and quiet environment.
  2. If a t-shirt is delivered to the tutor we expect you to wear it during the lessons, a t-shirt will help to standardise our brand and provides students and parents with a recognisable identify that they can relate to and feel comfortable with.
Tutor Conduct
  1. During lessons the tutor will do his/her best to provide professional lessons, failure to do so should be reported to Red Fox Education to help us solve the issue.
  2. The tutor should wear appropriate clothing during lessons.
  3. If a tutor is late, they should make up the time at the end of the lesson.
  4. Consistent lateness to lessons damages the professionalism of both the tutor and company, therefore if a tutor is consistently late and we receive complaints, we reserve the right to terminate your lessons and assign a new tutor. We never want this to happen and hope we can always resolve any such issues before they get to this stage.
  1. Payments are made monthly and on the 1st day of the month. We reserve the right to alter this time, should a more appropriate payment date be decided upon, if it is, we will inform you.
  2. It is the tutor’s sole responsibility to sign off the lesson as “Complete” and to add the lesson feedback, this should always be done at the end of each lesson. Signing the lesson off as complete updates your payment system, therefore if you don’t do it you won’t be paid for that lesson when your monthly payment is made.
  3. Salary rates are: £14 for a 60-minute lesson, £7 for a 30-minute lesson and £3.5 for a 15-minute demo lesson.
  4. Finder’s fee, if you find a new tutor and that tutor completes 10 lessons you will receive a bonus of £25 when you receive your monthly salary. We want to build an excellent team of committed and dedicated tutors, your help with building this is appreciated.
  5. Bonuses, unlike other online Education companies who pay lower salaries with promises of bonuses if certain benchmarks are met, which are usually difficult to achieve and can be frustrating for the tutors, we set a high base salary. This simplifies the whole payment system for everyone and makes it transparent and clear and easy to calculate how much you will earn based on the amount of lessons you complete each month.
Lesson Times
  1. We recognise that the tutor and student may wish to change the day and time of lessons, please report any lesson changes so that we can update the scheduling system accordingly.
  2. If a student is late by over 15 minutes, please communicate this to Red Fox Education the tutor is responsible for notifying Red Fox about this. Notification covers you in case of any misunderstandings.
  3. If a student is late or does not arrive on time, please remain in Zoom for the duration of the assigned lesson. If a student does not arrive during the full allocated lesson time, please assign homework for the student within the lesson feedback form and sign the lesson off as “completed”.
Intellectual and Proprietary Information
  1. All property within the Red Fox Education website is the sole property of Red Fox Education and should not be used, copied or otherwise shared with anyone who is not a customer of Red Fox Education without the prior consent of the company.
Ethical Decision-Making Framework
  1. Do not discuss political issues during lessons. Let’s keep the lessons about education and learning and avoid our own personal opinions on subjects that may cause offence.
  2. Do not discuss religious issues during lessons. Let’s keep the lessons about education and learning and avoid our own personal opinions on subjects that may cause offence.
  3. Never disclose your personal address please keep this confidential.
  4. Be understanding and respectful of the culture of the student (s) you are teaching.
Training and Development
  1. We are a very small company now, but our intention is to grow and as we grow, we want to continually improve everything we do, your feedback and support with our development is welcomed and appreciated.
  2. Our intention is to build training portals within our website where we can all learn and share information about strategies on teaching techniques through videos, reports and presentations.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1) What should I do if a student is late?
A1) You should notify Red Fox education after 15 minutes; you are requested to remain in the lesson for the full duration of the lesson to wait for the student. If the student arrives late it is at your discretion whether you decide to give the student additional time after the assigned lesson time has ended. Flexibility is appreciated from the teacher because sometimes a student may have a power cut or technical issue, and this flexibility works both ways when the teacher has issues. If a student does not arrive during the full allocated lesson time, please assign homework for the student within the lesson feedback form and sign the lesson off as “completed”.
Q2) What should I do if a student misbehaves or is rude during my lesson?
A2) Please report this and clearly detail what the issues were and how you think we may resolve them. We will then try and work together to solve the problems.
Q3) What should I do if a student keeps asking to change the day and time of a lesson?
A3) We want to be as flexible as possible for both the student and tutor, however if consistent changes create problems with managing and undertaking the lessons then this should be reported.
Q4) What should I do if a student asks me a personal question about myself?
A4) Getting to know your students and having a professional and friendly rapport is encouraged, however you need to remain tactful, respectful and should consider what you say and how you say it whenever you are asked personal questions.
Q5) How do I deal with a student who is not very talkative or has a negative attitude?
A5) Be professional, and act as your ideal of a teacher would act, we recognise that not all students may wish to fully engage in a lesson and there are many stresses on a student that we may not be aware of. All you can do is your best, remain professional and don’t take anything personally or become frustrated or raise your voice, always try to keep your tone in a manner that befits a professional, kind and sincere tutor wanting to help educate a student.
Q6) What should I do if a student asks me for my personal details or asks for private tuition?
A6) If a student asks you for your personal details please always communicate this to Red Fox Education so that we are aware of this situation. Our priority if always the safety and welfare of both student and tutor so please avoid any direct exchanging of personal details without first notifying Red Fox Education. If a student asks for private tuition, politely tell them no.
Red Fox Education