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Red Fox Education is an online education provider and we deliver customized learning with maximum impact by combining innovative technology with core teaching methodology.

We can help you to improve your understanding of corporate English and provide training – for companies and businesses, for institutions, and for individuals or groups.

Corporate Workspace

For companies and businesses

It is a proven fact that a better trained workforce leads to better efficiency and greater productivity – it’s a ‘win-win.’ You save money by being more efficient AND make more by increasing productivity.

We provide targeted English training to help your employees reach higher English proficiency. This is, of course, especially important if you transact business across linguistically different regions or internationally.

For institutions

Similarly, for institutions such as hospitals, clinics, non-profit organisations, charities and such like, we offer targeted English training to increase employee performance. Money may not be the biggest concern, but efficiency and performance can be enhanced by better communication, thereby leading to better service to the institutions service-users.

Corporate Institutes
Corporate Individual

For individuals and groups

Private individuals and small study groups formed by colleagues or friends can also benefit enormously by targeted training. You can increase your English communication skills allowing you to speak and write better using more precise and expressive English. This, in turn, makes you more marketable and attractive to potential employers allowing you to get that higher position or promotion that you truly deserve.

Targeted English Training

What do we mean by this? Well, unlike many providers who simply follow standard texts when teaching corporate English, at Red Fox Educationwe actually listen to our clients and customers so that we can provide a more tailored and useful training programme.

We do provide a fully comprehensive Business English communication skills coursewhich includes a wide variety of subjects (see below for more details) BUT we also tailor courses to meet specific learning requirements.

For example, if you want to train your sales and marketing staff, you probably want to concentrate on presentation and negotiation skills rather than business management tools, right? SO, we will discuss your requirements with you and provide a bespoke course for you that caters for your specific needs – targeted English training – for maximizing learning outcomes.

Here is a non-exhaustive selection of the types of industries, sectors or people for which we can provide targeted training:
  • Medical professionals
  • Sales and/or marketing staff
  • The hospitality industry – hotels, restaurants etc.
  • The legal profession
  • Customer service
  • Business management
  • Administration and human resources

Red Fox Education committed to service excellence

Regardless of the courses and programmes we may provide, we offer these features as standard:
Expert teaching

from fully experienced, fully trained and fully committed British tutors

Integrated learning

so that students progress in all key areas in accordance with agreed requirements – listening and reading comprehension skills to aid better understanding; speaking proficiency for better communication, including development of topic-specific vocabulary, improvement in use of grammar, accent reduction and bettter pronunciation; effective writing to enhance communication in emails, reports and other areas of business writing.

Best Quality study materials

designed by our expert content creation team from
the UK

The Red Fox Education mobile app

available to all of your students so they can study anytime, anywhere and have access to many more English learning resources.

Business English comprehensive communication skills course

Here is a brief synopsis of what is included (as promised earlier):
  1. vocabulary for business survival
  2. common expressions and phrases
  3. meetings and etiquette
  4. presentation skills – in these sessions students get the chance to deliver their own presentation
  5. negotiation skills – in these sessions students take part in negotiating exercises
  6. writing for business – emails and reports – here students practise writing in real time with the tutor
  7. most of all – the opportunity to practise speaking with native tutors

It's your choice!

Whatever your requirements we are confident that we can provide a solution!

We offer an initial consultation where our representatives will visit your office and discuss your precise requirements, explaining how Red Fox Education can help you and your team.

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