Let's learn about the weather


Hello, Let's learn about the weather today. What’s the weather like where you live? Is it very hot or is it very cold?

It is very hot where I live, and it is usually very sunny.

When it is sunny you might need to wear, sunglasses to protect your eyes. A sunhat to protect your head, and some sun cream to protect your skin.

What about when it is very cold. When it is very cold sometimes it snows or it could be icy.

When it is cold what do you need to wear?

Do you wear shorts and a t-shirt?

No, you wear shorts and a t-shirt when it is hot outside. When it is cold you need to wear a wooly hat to keep your head warm a scarf to keep your neck warm, a coat to keep your body

warm and maybe some gloves to keep your hands warm

Sometimes the weather could be rainy.
When it is raining what do we need to wear? We might need to wear some welly boots. Welly boots are good if we want to go splashing in puddles, so our feet don’t get wet.

What else do we need to wear in the rain?

Maybe we need to wear a raincoat, so we don’t get wet and we need an umbrella. This also stops us from getting wet.

Can you remember the weather?

What weather is this?


What about this?

Snowy, it is snowing.

It's Icey it's very cold

It's rainy it is raining outside

Have a look out the window and see what the weather is like at your house today.

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