Example Lesson Plan Outline


Topic and Context:
Task analysis; formulation and integration of target language structure.
Student Ability Level:
IELTS Band 6.5
Lesson Length:
60 minutes

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Aims and Goals

To introduce and apply useful language structures in the context of an IELTS Task 1.
Learning Objectives:
To understand the criteria behind the marking of an IELTS Task 1; to become competent with language structures required for a successful response – namely comparative forms; to consider the correct organization of information contained within the task according to the criteria using superlative and comparative sentence structures; develop paraphrasing skills from keywords.
Possible Problems:
No prior experience of summary tasks or the use of comparatives with data; wrong ideas about organization from preconceived ideas; limited vocabulary, word forms, difficulty in dealing with complex grammatical structures and tenses.
Materials Required:
Task 1 (Bar chart); sample IELTS task including instruction (SEE BELOW).
Assessment Opportunities:
From written response and questions raised.
Effective practical application of given topic vocabulary and structural scenarios in use.

Task 1

The bar chart shows the relative electricity consumption and cost per year of various household devices.
Summarise the data by selecting and reporting the main features and making comparisons where relevant.


1. What units of measurement are used on the graph?
2. What is represented by those units?
3. Which household devices are responsible for the highest consumption and cost?
4. Which household devices represent the lowest consumption and cost?
5. What is the comparative difference between the units of the devices with the highest and lowest consumption and cost?

Suggested target language

the most, the least, the highest, the lowest, the majority, the minority
more than, less than, higher than, lower than, similar to, equal to, the same as
Summarising (Overview statements):
Overall, Generally, In general terms, From a general perspective, Broadly speaking, On the whole
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