All about Elections - Podcast
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All about Elections

by Sanchana

This podcast helps children understand what elections are and how it works.

Episode 1
What is an election?

Children learn what an election is.

1 min 32 secs
Episode 2
Types of elections

This episode explains the 3 types of elections conducted in India.

1 min 57 secs
Episode 3
How the Lok Sabha elections work?

Children listen and understand the process of the Lok Sabha elections.

1 min 41 secs
Episode 4
Voting Day part 1

Learn about what happens on the “Voting day”

1 min 48 secs
Episode 5
Voting Day part 2

Learn about what happens on the “Voting day”

1 min 32 secs
Episode 6
After voting day

Children learn what happens after voting day, how the votes are counted and how decisions are made.

1 min 29 secs
Episode 7
Postal Vote

An episode explaining postal vote.

1 min 44 secs
Episode 8
What is NOTA?

An episode explaining NOTA - None of the above

1 min 20 secs
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