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Articles – exceptions to the rules

by David

In this series, we look at how to use articles in English BUT rather than look at rules and guidelines, the focus is on unusual words that are exceptions to the normal rules.

Episode 1
Articles – Intro + general rules

In this episode we look at the main and basic rule we need to use articles.

3 mins 40 secs
Episode 2
Indefinite articles AND the Definite article

In this episode we take a more detailed look at the how to use articles following the basic rule.

5 mins 45 secs
Episode 3
Using articles with nouns ‘already talked about’

In this one we consider a common area of difficulty for second language or new learners.

3 mins 7 secs
Episode 4
Articles with countries, cities and continents

In this episode we look how to use articles when we talk about cities, countries and continents.

4 mins 15 secs
Episode 5
Articles with geographical features

In this one some exceptions to the main rule for geographical features

3 mins 30 secs
Episode 6
Articles with languages, religions and people

In this episode, some more exceptions relating to languages, religions and people.

2 mins 58 secs
Episode 7
Difficulties using articles when talking in general

In this episode, another area which causes confusion for second language or new learners of English.

3 mins 36 secs
Episode 8
Unusual words – bed

In this one we begin looking at words that do not follow the rules – we start with bed.

3 mins 9 secs
Episode 9
Unusual words – home

In this episode we consider use of articles before the noun, home.

1 min 42 secs
Episode 10
Unusual words – institutions

In this episode, more exceptions when we talk about institutions (like universities or schools)

1 min 39 secs
Episode 11
Unusual words – times of day

In this one we consider use of articles with times of day.

1 min 33 secs
Episode 12
Unusual words – seasons

In this episode we find out how to use articles with seasons of the year

2 mins 38 secs
Episode 13
Unusual words – mealtimes

In this one, articles used with mealtimes.

1 min 12 secs
Episode 14
Unusual words – transport

In this episode we consider articles used with types of transportation

2 mins 36 secs
Episode 15
Articles with proper nouns

In this final episode we look at articles before proper nouns, another confusing area for new language students.

3 mins 44 secs
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