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British and Indian ways of life

by Ashly,David

In this series, David and Ashly discuss a wide variety of topics and look at the differences between British and Indian ways of thinking from different perspectives, such as cultural issues, traditions, political outlooks and systems etc.

Episode 1
History and heritage part 1

This episode gives a brief introduction to the diverse and fascinating history of the countries, India and Britain.

7 mins 21 secs
Episode 2
History and heritage part 2

How diverse is India and Britain in its cultures, traditions, and languages? Know more by listening to this podcast episode.

8 mins 9 secs
Episode 3
History and heritage part 3

Different factors contribute towards building a sense of national identity among individuals. Listen to this podcast to know more interesting facts about India and Britain.

10 mins 4 secs
Episode 4
History and heritage part 4

This episode is a dialogue that discusses the attitude of people towards their own respective nations and its history.

9 mins 4 secs
Episode 5
Food and dining culture part 1

This episode discusses the different meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - and the common differences that exist between them in the British and Indian cultures.

8 mins 52 secs
Episode 6
Food and dining culture part 2

This episode introduces you to the different types of dishes eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Britain and India.

10 mins 40 secs
Episode 7
Work Culture

The episode discusses the general working culture of the countries. It delves into the working hours and work-life balance in Britain and India.

7 mins 18 secs
Episode 8
Education part 1

The episode is an introduction to the school systems of India and Britain.

10 mins 28 secs
Episode 9
Education part 2

This episode discusses the history of the education system in Britain and India. It also delves into different types of schools, colleges, and universities of the countries.

11 mins 24 secs
Episode 10
Education part 3

This episode discusses the various subjects, and their respective content. Listen to know how Britain has a different learning structure than India.

8 mins 36 secs
Episode 11
Education part 4

This episode discusses some other aspects of university education in both India and Britain. Listen to know more.

7 mins 28 secs
Episode 12
Politics and government-part 1

This episode introduces you to the governments of Britain and India. It discusses briefly the parliamentary and electoral systems of both countries.

8 mins 13 secs
Episode 13
Politics and government-part 2

This episode discusses the federal nature of the Indian government. It also briefly discusses the local system of governance of Britain and India.

8 mins 18 secs
Episode 14
Politics and government-part 3

The local governance system of India is very structured unlike Britain. Listen to this podcast episode to know more about this.

7 mins 40 secs
Episode 15
Politics and government-part 4

The episode discusses the difference in the attitudes of people towards the governing systems of a country. Do the British and the Indians have similar views on this? Check out this episode to find out.

9 mins 48 secs
Episode 16
Festivals and Holidays-part 1

This episode introduces you to the different national and regional holidays of Britain and India.

8 mins 21 secs
Episode 17
Festivals and Holidays-part 2

Every country has their own festivals and traditions. This episode introduces you to the different festivals that are celebrated in India and Britain.

8 mins 46 secs
Episode 18
Sports and Entertainment-part 1

This episode introduces you to some common sports in Britain and India.

6 mins 6 secs
Episode 19
Sports and Entertainment - part 2

This episode discusses the common sports that are practised in schools. It also briefly introduces you to the sports that are popular among the common people of both the countries.

7 mins 37 secs
Episode 20
Sports and Entertainment - part 3

Have you ever wondered how sports unite people across borders? Listen to this episode and know more.

9 mins 26 secs
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