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English Conversation
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Day to Day conversations

by Sanchana

Listen to simple everyday conversation tips to improve your language

Episode 1
Phrases to use instead of ‘I Don’t Know’

Learn different ways to say that you don’t know something

3 mins 39 secs
Episode 2
Ways to exaggerate

Different terms and phrases to exaggerate something.

3 mins 16 secs
Episode 3
Made of, Made out of, Made up of, Made with

What is the difference between Made of, Made out of, Made up of & Made with?

5 mins 21 secs
Episode 4
Everyday Expressions of Time

Learn to talk about time in an easy yet advanced way.

3 mins 9 secs
Episode 5
Ways to say ‘I am hungry’

Feeling hungry? Here are different ways to convey that.

3 mins 1 sec
Episode 6
Phrases to use instead of ‘I Like’

When you want to express that you like something, use these phrases.

2 mins 58 secs
Episode 7
Water Idioms - I

There are many idioms and phrases - here are some related to water.

2 mins 20 secs
Episode 8
3 scenarios - Formal & Informal setting

Here you can understand how different usage of words is needed in different situations.

2 mins 39 secs
Episode 9
Words that show enthusiasm

Excited about something, but not finding the right words? Listen to this Podcast.

2 mins 29 secs
Episode 10
5 techniques that’ll help you master English

Learn some techniques that will be very useful to you to master the English language.

4 mins 13 secs
Episode 11
Difference between talk, say, speak & tell

Talk, say, speak & tell, all sound so similar but they actually have different usages.

3 mins 46 secs
Episode 12

Greeting someone is an essential part of a conversation.

3 mins 39 secs
Episode 13
Regular vs Native

Learn sentences and phrases to help you get a better command over English.

3 mins 20 secs
Episode 14
Telephonic Conversations

Phone calls can be tricky. Here are simple sentences to help you through a phone call.

3 mins 46 secs
Episode 15
Making a Complaint

Some things are to be remembered and considered before raising a complaint. Learn them here.

2 mins 40 secs
Episode 16
Accepting a Complaint

Accepting a complaint is as important as raising one. Here are some tips to make that easier.

2 mins 37 secs
Episode 17
Interrupting Politely

Interrupting someone while speaking is considered rude but sometimes is necessary. So learn a few ways to interrupt politely.

4 mins 15 secs
Episode 18
How to end a conversation

As much as beginning a conversation is important, so is ending one correctly.

4 mins 21 secs
Episode 19
Responding to ‘How are you?’

Don’t just stop at ‘I’m fine. Thank you’. Get creative with your responses.

6 mins 22 secs
Episode 20
When someone passes away

It can be quite a tricky thing understanding what to say when someone passes away. Here is some help.

4 mins 51 secs
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