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English for Job seekers

by Sanchana

If you are someone who is looking for a job or advance in their career, this podcast is for you.

Episode 1
Introduction to English for job seekers

"English for Job Seekers," the podcast series dedicated to helping you excel in your job search by improving your English language skills.

3 mins
Episode 2
Crafting a compelling resume - Part 1

Focus on the structure and essential elements of a resume, tips for effectively highlighting your skills, experience, and achievements, and the vocabulary you'll need to write a standout resume.

3 mins 49 secs
Episode 3
Crafting a compelling resume - Part 2

Explore some critical dos and don'ts of resume writing, common resume mistakes to avoid, and essential considerations for resume formatting and style.

4 mins 28 secs
Episode 4
Writing an effective cover letter

Learn how to structure and format a cover letter for maximum impact, and build your vocabulary with key phrases and terminology for crafting a compelling cover letter.

4 mins 11 secs
Episode 5
Job search strategies and networking - Part 1

Explore effective strategies for finding job opportunities, the importance of networking in your job search, and expand your vocabulary to navigate the world of job search and networking.

4 mins 9 secs
Episode 6
Job search strategies and networking - Part 2

Familiarise with the world of online professional presence, explore tips for effective job searching using online platforms, and discuss building and maintaining a strong professional network.

4 mins 8 secs
Episode 7
Preparing for job interviews - part 1

Dive into the interview preparation process, discuss the importance of researching the company and the role, and introduce essential vocabulary to help you prepare effectively.

3 mins 49 secs
Episode 8
Preparing for job interviews - part 2

Explore the importance of dress code and interview etiquette, provide strategies for handling common interview nerves, and engage in role-playing to practise common interview scenarios.

4 mins 22 secs
Episode 9
Common interview questions - Part 1

Explore frequently asked interview questions, discuss how to structure and deliver strong responses, and introduce essential vocabulary for answering interview questions.

4 mins 7 secs
Episode 10
Common interview questions - Part 2

Delve into handling behavioural and situational interview questions, and explore the art of sharing success stories and experiences effectively.

3 mins 37 secs
Episode 11
Mastering communication skills in interviews

Explore financial terminology and concepts, discuss budgeting, saving, and investing, and learn tips for managing your personal finances effectively.

3 mins 32 secs
Episode 12
Handling difficult interview scenarios

Strategies for addressing challenging interview situations, how to gracefully handle tough questions or scenarios, and dealing with rejection while maintaining your momentum to move forward.

3 mins 18 secs
Episode 13
Post-interview etiquette

Explore the art of writing effective thank-you notes, and introduce vocabulary for post-interview communication.

3 mins 17 secs
Episode 14

Recap the key takeaways from the series, encourage you to apply what you've learned in your job search, and provide additional resources for further career development and English language improvement.

2 mins 55 secs
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