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English for Personal development

by Sanchana

Get motivated and learn different techniques to work towards your personal development

Episode 1
Introduction to personal development

The podcast is all about empowering you to grow, learn, and become the best version of yourself—all in English!

3 mins 9 secs
Episode 2
SMART goals

Learn the SMART goal-setting criteria and craft goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

4 mins 21 secs
Episode 3
Vision boards

Explore the powerful concept of vision boards, their purpose, benefits, and how to create one.

3 mins 57 secs
Episode 4
Time management

Explore essential vocabulary related to time management and productivity, discuss popular techniques like the Pomodoro Technique and prioritisation.

3 mins 38 secs
Episode 5

Explore the common reasons behind procrastination, introduce vocabulary related to procrastination and motivation.

2 mins 49 secs
Episode 6

Discuss concepts like self-control and delayed gratification, and learn techniques to strengthen your self-discipline in English.

3 mins 11 secs
Episode 7
Mindfulness and stress reduction

Expand your vocabulary for discussing mindfulness and stress, explore techniques for practising mindfulness in English, and learn tips for managing and reducing stress effectively.

3 mins 28 secs
Episode 8
Effective communication

Expand your vocabulary for clear communication and active listening, discuss important concepts like assertiveness, empathy, and non-verbal cues.

3 mins 56 secs
Episode 9
Emotional intelligence

In this episode, we'll define emotional intelligence and its components, expand your vocabulary for discussing emotions and self-awareness, and introduce exercises to improve your emotional intelligence in English.

3 mins 40 secs
Episode 10
Art of networking and building meaningful relationships

Expand your vocabulary for networking, building connections, and rapport, learn strategies for successful networking in English.

3 mins 20 secs
Episode 11
Personal finance and budgeting

Explore financial terminology and concepts, discuss budgeting, saving, and investing, and learn tips for managing your personal finances effectively.

3 mins 20 secs
Episode 12
Health and well-being

Expand your vocabulary related to health and wellness, discuss the importance of nutrition, exercise, and self-care, and provide you with strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

3 mins 37 secs
Episode 13
Learning and skill development

Expand your vocabulary related to education, skills, and personal growth, discuss the importance of continuous learning.

4 mins 6 secs
Episode 14
Productivity hacks and time-saving tips

Expand your vocabulary related to productivity, efficiency, and organisation, discuss effective techniques for boosting productivity and saving time, and learn implementing these strategies in your daily life.

3 mins 45 secs
Episode 15
Recap and Farewell

We'll summarise the key points we've covered, encourage you to look back at your personal development journey, and guide you in setting new goals for self-improvement and growth.

3 mins 49 secs
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