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English for travellers

by Sanchana

Description: Listen and learn English to use while you are travelling

Episode 1
Introduction to English for Travellers

Travelling is easier when you are fluent with a commonly spoken language - English.

1 min 23 secs
Episode 2
Basic Travel Phrases

Simple yet impactful, knowing how to say hello and goodbye can set a positive tone for your interactions.

5 mins 58 secs
Episode 3
Airport and Travel Logistics

Navigating an airport can be both exciting and daunting. To ensure a smooth journey, familiarise yourself with essential English phrases related to airport logistics, customs, and the check-in process.

4 mins 12 secs
Episode 4
Booking Accommodation

Booking the right accommodation is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable trip. These English phrases will assist you in reserving and navigating your stay at hotels.

6 mins 41 secs
Episode 5
Dining Out

Eating out is a delightful part of travelling. Mastering English phrases related to dining will enhance your culinary experiences during your journey.

4 mins 6 secs
Episode 6

Efficiently moving from one place to another is essential for travellers. Learning these English phrases related to transportation will help you get around smoothly.

4 mins 16 secs
Episode 7
Shopping and Souvenirs

Exploring local markets and shops is a delightful aspect of travel. Equip yourself with essential English phrases for shopping and selecting souvenirs.

3 mins 52 secs
Episode 8
Emergencies and Safety

Emergencies can happen at any time during your travels, and being prepared is essential.

3 mins 53 secs
Episode 9
Cultural Etiquette

Understanding cultural norms is like unlocking the secrets to a destination's heart. Listen to this episode to know more.

2 mins
Episode 10
Exploring Tourist Attractions

Visiting tourist attractions is one of the most exciting parts of travelling. Equip yourself with essential English phrases.

3 mins 56 secs
Episode 11
Making Friends and Socialising

Socialising and making friends while travelling can be incredibly rewarding. Here are essential English phrases to help you strike up conversations.

4 mins 4 secs
Episode 12
Travelling on a Budget

Dive into the world of budget travel with some essential vocabulary.

3 mins 17 secs
Episode 13
Asking for Directions

Navigating unfamiliar streets and cities can be a thrilling adventure. Here's how to effectively seek guidance and understand the responses.

2 mins 43 secs
Episode 14
Travel Stories and Inspiration

Travelling isn't just about visiting new places; it's a transformative experience with countless benefits.

1 min 21 secs
Episode 15
Recap and Farewell

A short recap of all the episodes

6 mins 6 secs
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