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Informative topics
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Informative topics

by David

Listen to very informative podcasts for higher education.

Episode 1
British or American English

UK and USA are two great nations separated by common language.

4 mins 18 secs
Episode 2
Study in the UK

Which university should I choose if I study in the UK?

4 mins 58 secs
Episode 3
IELTS computer test or paper test

Should you take the computer test or the paper test for IELTS?

3 mins 19 secs
Episode 4
The English Language - a Curious Mixture

The evolution of the English Language

5 mins 44 secs
Episode 5
Phrasal Verbs are great!

All about phrasal verbs (and promotes new courses)

4 mins 45 secs
Episode 6
Review Review Review

The importance of reviewing your work regularly

4 mins 57 secs
Episode 7
Sport or Sports?

What is the difference and how to use these words

4 mins 29 secs
Episode 8
Christmas Traditions and Santa’s Suit

Some Christmas traditions explained

7 mins 3 secs
Episode 9
The Secrets to Learning Grammar

Actually, the same things that I’m going to reveal can be applied to learning almost anything, but especially grammar.

6 mins 29 secs
Episode 10
Incredible Idioms

Meaning and origins of idioms, and why it is fun to study idioms

6 mins 30 secs
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