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Joy of Christmas

by Ashly

Listen to all the interesting facts related to Christmas celebrations.

Episode 1

Christmas is the time of happiness and joy. Come and listen to this podcast to celebrate Christmas with Red Fox Education

1 min 14 secs
Episode 2
Christmas Celebrations-History

Do you know how the Christmas celebrations started? If not, listen to this podcast.

1 min 47 secs
Episode 3
Traditions Related to Christmas - Part 1

Are you interested to know about various celebrations that are related to Christmas? Come and listen to this podcast.

1 min 45 secs
Episode 4
Traditions related to Christmas - Part 2

Christmas is full of age-old traditions and celebrations. Learn more from this podcast.

1 min 38 secs
Episode 5
Santa Claus

Who is Santa Claus? Is he real? Come and listen to this podcast to find out.

2 mins 7 secs
Episode 6
Christmas dishes - Part 1

Food is important to all celebrations. Do you want to know about different Christmas dishes? Listen to this podcast to know more.

1 min 36 secs
Episode 7
Christmas dishes - Part 2

Listen to this episode to know more variety of foods that are prepared during Christmas.

1 min 59 secs
Episode 8
Christmas Carol

Listen to this episode to know about Christmas Carols. A surprise is waiting for you at the end!

1 min 39 secs
Episode 9
Christmas Story - Reading 1

Listen to the first part of the short story ‘The Gift of the Magi’ written by O.Henry.

1 min 41 secs
Episode 10
Christmas Story - Reading 2

Continue listening to this interesting short story by O. Henry.

2 mins 4 secs
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