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Simple Conversations

by Sanchana,Ashly

Listen to simple everyday conversations between two people and use them in suitable situations

Episode 1
New Neighbour

Listen to a conversation between a person who is new in town and her neighbour.

1 min 3 secs
Episode 2
Asking directions to a stranger.

Have you ever been lost and hesitant about asking for directions? Listen to this podcast and for ideas.

50 secs
Episode 3
Conversation with a Shopkeeper

Listen to this podcast between a buyer and a seller and be more confident the next time you go to buy something.

1 min 3 secs
Episode 4
Asking permission for Leave

Are you nervous about asking your manager for leave in English? Listen to the podcast and learn how to do it confidently.

50 secs
Episode 5
Conversation between friends about a movie

A discussion between two friends about a movie and its experience.

52 secs
Episode 6
Lodging a police complaint

A conversation between an officer and a lady who has been robbed - raising a complaint.

1 min 10 secs
Episode 7
Opening a new bank account

Listen to this conversation between a bank staff and a customer regarding wanting to open a new bank account.

48 secs
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