Simple stories for children - Podcast
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Simple stories for children

by Sanchana

Listen to simple stories in English for children ages 5 and above

Episode 1
The cock and the pearl

One day a cock found a pearl. What does it do with it?

1 min 11 secs
Episode 2
The dog and the shadow

A greedy dog loses its bone to a shadow.

1 min
Episode 3
The wolf and the crane

Gratitude and greed do not go together.

1 min 18 secs
Episode 4
The Lion’s share

A cruel lion cheats his friends.

1 min 29 secs
Episode 5
The man and the snake

A man tries to be friends with a snake that bit his son.

1 min 16 secs
Episode 6
The town mouse and the country mouse

A country mouse visits the town.

1 min 49 secs
Episode 7
The fox and the crow

A fox cleverly takes away the crow’s cheese.

1 min 19 secs
Episode 8
The lion and the mouse

A tiny mouse saves the mighty lion, and they become friends.

1 min 23 secs
Episode 9
The rabbits and the frogs

The rabbits think they are the most cowards, till they see the frogs.

56 secs
Episode 10
The wolf and the kid

A child teases a wolf and the wolf responds to it.

36 secs
Episode 11
The woodcutter and the snake

A man saves a snake, but later kills it himself.

1 min 13 secs
Episode 12
The fox and the stork

A fox is mean to a stork, so it plays tit for tat.

1 min 31 secs
Episode 13
The ant & the grasshopper

The grasshopper learns a very important lesson from the ant about hard work.

1 min 29 secs
Episode 14
The belly & the members

The members of the body go on strike because they feel the belly isn’t doing its share of work.

1 min 36 secs
Episode 15
The boy & the wolf

Lying is a bad habit. A young shepherd learns how lying can destroy everything.

1 min 43 secs
Episode 16
The fox & the grapes

We must not hate something just because we could not achieve it.

1 min 30 secs
Episode 17
The dog & the wolf

It is better to be free and hungry than a well fed slave.

1 min 49 secs
Episode 18
The fox & the cat

Even a 100 ideas couldn’t save the fox.

1 min 21 secs
Episode 19
The man & the wood

A story of how the trees helped a person just to be destroyed.

1 min 20 secs
Episode 20
The fox & the lion

The fox learnt how to face its biggest fear.

1 min 18 secs
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