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University Cities & Towns UK

by David

In this series, we talk about the different locations throughout the UK where you might choose to study as an overseas student

Episode 1
Series Opener

An outline of the objectives for the series and an introduction to UK study

3 mins 29 secs
Episode 2

A look at the city of Oxford and Oxford University

4 mins 12 secs
Episode 3

Cambridge University, Cambridge the city, and the surrounding area

2 mins 55 secs
Episode 4

The ancient city of Durham in NE England, and the University of Durham, England’s third university.

4 mins 56 secs
Episode 5

The University of Leeds plus other choices in the vibrant city of Leeds in northern England.

4 mins 33 secs
Episode 6
London part 1

University choices in the centre of London and living in the capital.

3 mins 40 secs
Episode 7
London part 2

More about London and universities outside of the city centre.

3 mins 7 secs
Episode 8
Birmingham and Warwick

A look at Birmingham and the West Midlands, including Warwick University.

4 mins 12 secs
Episode 9
The Russell Group

The ‘Ivy League’ of the UK. What is the Russell Group and what to expect.

2 mins 33 secs
Episode 10
East Anglia

The East of England, particularly Norwich and EAU – the University of East Anglia.

3 mins 49 secs
Episode 11

The ancient city of Newcastle in northern England, and its two prestigious universities

4 mins 55 secs
Episode 12
Scotland: St Andrews

The University of St Andrews, the third oldest learning institution in the English speaking world in Fife on the east coast of Scotland

4 mins 12 secs
Episode 13
Scotland: Edinburgh and Glasgow

A look at choices elsewhere in Scotland including the fabulous cities of Edinburgh ad Glasgow

4 mins 11 secs
Episode 14
South West England

Three cities and three excellent universities in the south west corner of England – Bristol, Bath and Exeter

5 mins 11 secs
Episode 15

The historic small city of Lancaster in north west England and its highly raked excellent University of Lancaster.

4 mins 36 secs
Episode 16
South Coast of England

Superb locations along the south coast – Brighton, Portsmouth, Southampton and Bournemouth.

6 mins 2 secs
Episode 17
Liverpool and Manchester

The major cities of north west England and the prestigious universities of Liverpool and Manchester.

5 mins 23 secs
Episode 18
Northern Ireland

Queen’s University in Belfast and other choices for living ad studying in Northern Ireland.

3 mins 1 sec
Episode 19

Cardiff University and other study choices in Wales, plus a look at Welsh culture and life.

2 mins 21 secs
Episode 20

The ‘second city’ of England, the wonderful city of York and its prestigious university.

4 mins 29 secs
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