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Are you xenophobic?

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Ever stood in front of an audience and panicked because you weren't able to convey your thoughts in English - it happens to most of us. You have everything perfectly ordered in your mind and yet you are scared to convey it in English; this fear - the fear of a foreign language is called xenoglossophobia. Surprised that this feeling has a name? I was too when I first came across it. Xenoglossophobia is a Greek derivation translating into xeno meaning foreigner, glosso meaning language and you might already know phobos meaning fear.
It is completely natural to feel fear or anxiety when you step out of your comfort zone and begin to try something foreign. New things and changes don't come easy but that doesn't mean we stop trying. All anything needs is practice to be conquered. English might seem like the peak of mt. Everest but we here at Red Fox Education take you through that journey and help build your confidence.
A few steps to begin with - you might want to start watching English daily soaps and movies, you could try talking in English with friends or family and a very important thing is you would have to start reading. (Check out the importance of reading in our next blog).
In today's world English has become an important way of communication and if you want to keep up with it, knowing to fluently speak, read and write is very necessary. It is nothing to fear about. English is just a small challenge on the road to achieving your dreams. So join us in helping you get rid of your xenoglossophobia.

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