English has evolved to be an important part of the world now

English is a beautiful language!

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Ever thought to yourself - Why do people make such a big deal out of a language? Yes, indeed English has evolved to be an important part of the world now. It is a necessity in today's world to have a command over the language. But for a moment let's set aside the 'importance' of English and talk about the beauty it carries. Why would I compare beauty to English is what you are thinking right...let me tell you...
A language that has so many words that carry the same pronunciation and spelling but still has weirdly opposite meanings. A language that'll sweep you off your feet, but will also help you descend on a fleet of stairs. It teaches you that words that look like don’t really sound like and absolutely don’t mean alike. English being a simple yet complicated language, teaches us that the world out there is more or less similar. It shows there’s challenge in complexity and joy in simplicity. Remember when Shakespeare said "with mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come", I think he totally meant it for today's world where we don't stop to enjoy the roses. All we do is run. We use English every single day but have we ever, mindfully stopped and awed at its form.  We use it as a tool to communicate, but do we really communicate, or are we just talking?
The depth of the language, travels oceans and tries to instill a familiarity with each one of us to connect to it, to call it our own. But we don't have the time to explore and learn the tiny details of it. Only when you actually step into this side of the universe and look at English with hunger, will you understand why I say - English is a beautiful language!

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