Should I read to my child?

Should I read to my child?

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"I know reading is a wonderful habit but my child is just 1, he can't read." I have heard so many parents say. Of course, your child may not be able to read yet, but you can read to him. You may wonder "How is that going to benefit you?", but I can assure you it does. To begin with, reading to your child will help promote oral language development. At an early stage itself, your child will start learning, understanding, and using a wide range of vocabulary efficiently. Reading to your child will help him develop early literacy skills. These skills are much needed for reading and writing. He will be able to identify various sounds and will understand the relationship between letters and sounds.
It stimulates your child's curiosity. A curious child is an ever-learning child. He will develop the hunger to know more and eventually find his way to greater knowledge. Even as a child he will learn to identify rhyme, alliteration, and repetition - all important parts of grammar and all this while just listening to a story. Red Fox Education has a wide range of e-books with audio to help you and your little one read.
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Reading to him will spark his imagination and make it go wild. He will turn out to be a very creative human with bold skills. Being imaginative and thinking out of the box is not something everyone poses. It also helps improve his concentration and gets him ready and excited for the school experience.
It also improves your bond with him. You both will have so much to talk about and do together. Being your child's reading partner not only helps him but also helps you understand your child better. Knowing the stories he likes and teaching him kindness and value at such a young age will make him a better person.

So, read to your child; every week, every day, every night! 

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