What is a Pangram sentence?

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What is a Pangram sentence?

As hard and challenging as it already is to be learning a new language, a pangram sentence makes it a little more interesting. Wondering what it means? A pangram sentence is a sentence that has all the 26 letters of the Alphabet. Isn't that interesting! A less common name for pangram sentences is holoalphabetic sentence; personally I like the term pangram more.
These types of sentences are mostly used in testing equipment, handwriting and even typewriting skills. Calligraphists often practice with these types of sentences to improve their skills. A very common example of a pangram is - The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This sentence has all the letters of the Alphabet from A to Z. It is a very well recognised sentence, especially by typewriters and font developers. A font is often tested on sentences like these. Another pangram sentence but less often used is - Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.
There are many other pangrams, most of which don't make much sense. A perfect pangram is a sentence that has all the letters of the Alphabet but exactly once. There isn't a sentence like this that makes great sense. An example of this is - Quickly Nez Ford, what's JPG BMX V. Doesn't make sense right? But it is still used in testing English Alphabet based technology.
One more pangram sentence type is the phonetic pangram. The sentence - 'Are those shy Eurasian footwear, cowboy chaps, or jolly earthmoving headgear? ' is usually used to test British English pronunciation. This sentence caters to all the basic British pronunciations needed.

If you ever come up with a pangram do let us know! 

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