What is office peacocking & coffee badging?

What is office peacocking & coffee badging?

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In today's post covid world, workplaces have numerous unspoken rules and social dynamics that employees must navigate. We have been introduced and made comfortable with a permanent work from home setting. Some of us have even set up workstations in a corner of our homes. But in this process we have lost the feeling of working amidst people and socialising at work. 
Amidst all this, the two terms that have gained prominence are "office peacocking" and "coffee badging." These concepts highlight the intricacies of office culture and interpersonal relationships, shedding light on how individuals strive to establish their presence and influence within the professional sphere.
Office Peacocking: The Art of Making a Statement 
Imagine walking into an office filled with employees who all have a unique approach to their attire, workspace, and interactions. This is where the concept of "office peacocking" comes into play. Office peacocking refers to the act of drawing attention to oneself through deliberate displays of style, attitude, or behaviour in a professional setting.
Here are a few ways in which office peacocking manifests:
Dressing for Success: Some individuals may use their attire to stand out. They may wear bold colours, statement accessories, or unconventional clothing to make a memorable impression.
Loud Communication: Speaking assertively and confidently, even when it's not necessary, is another form of peacocking. It's all about ensuring you're heard and your ideas are noticed.
Workspace Personalization: A cluttered desk adorned with unusual decorations or a minimalist desk with pristine cleanliness—both can be forms of office peacocking. These personalised workspaces are often intended to convey a specific image.
Self-Promotion: Constantly discussing achievements, showcasing work, and emphasising one's value within the organisation is also a method of peacocking.
While office peacocking can be a way to stand out in a competitive work environment, it's essential to strike a balance between being assertive and respectful of colleagues' space and contributions.
Coffee Badging: Building Bonds Over Brews
In contrast to office peacocking, "coffee badging" revolves around a more subtle way of influencing office dynamics. This term refers to the act of forming connections, building relationships, and gaining influence through the shared ritual of coffee breaks, or occasional office visits.
Here's how coffee badging works:
Coffee Conversations: Many important discussions and networking opportunities take place during coffee breaks. It's a time for colleagues to discuss both professional and personal matters in a relaxed setting.
Bonding Over Brews: Sharing a cup of coffee fosters friendship. Colleagues often invite others to grab a coffee, whether to discuss a project, provide feedback, or simply to catch up. These moments are crucial for building relationships in the office.
Influential Connections: Those who engage in coffee badging effectively can leverage these connections to gain insights, support, and even influence within the workplace.
Office peacocking and coffee badging are two sides of the same coin, reflecting the multifaceted nature of workplace interactions. While office peacocking emphasises self-expression and making a bold statement, coffee badging emphasises building connections and influencing others more subtly.
The Intersection of Both Concepts
Interestingly, office peacocking and coffee badging are not mutually exclusive. Employees can choose to employ elements of both strategies to navigate the complex landscape of office politics and dynamics. For example, a well-dressed individual who skillfully engages in coffee conversations can create a compelling presence in the workplace.
Hence, understanding and navigating office peacocking and coffee badging is essential for success in the modern workplace. Striking the right balance between making a memorable impression and building meaningful connections can be the key to a fulfilling and prosperous career. Whether you're aiming to assert your influence or foster strong relationships, being aware of these two concepts can help you thrive in the intricate world of office culture post covid.
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