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Communication is a necessity. The world is no more a place where knowing more than one language makes you a special person. Today people across the globe know a minimum of two languages, mostly one being English. It is important to realise that the knowledge of an additional language is self betterment. We live in a society that is interconnected and interdependent, and knowing an additional language will help you to be able to connect to this place better.
Everyone at some point has thoughts to communicate and would like a little bit of validation. How would this happen if that person isn't able to share his thoughts in the first place.  We come with such diverse sets of background, culture, traditions, principles and beliefs that the only way to share this is via communication. Yes, of course communication doesn't always need a language, but wouldn't it be easier with a common tongue? Knowing another language helps you relate with and understand people around you better, in a way giving a chance for them to accept you.
Along with acceptance we must also consider the competition of today's generation. With almost everyone knowing more than one language, it is a necessity to know more than two speeches to be able to survive the game. It is also said that a polyglot has better decision making skills and a healthier brain. He is able to multitask efficiently. Who wouldn't want to hire or be friends with a person like this, in today's opportunistic world.
Finding a chance at betterment is a form of self love and hence learning a new language, especially a common language like English help you journey across seas, meet new people and make great friends.

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