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Our brain is one of the most important parts of your body. We are empty without it and hence need to exercise it and keep it healthy. That's what reading does. Reading is basically done in two variations - Extensive reading and Intensive reading.
Extensive reading is anything that you enjoy reading which doesn't require much attention. Like a storybook, a comic, or at times even articles you are interested in. It is basically reading for pleasure. Reading habit is best to inculcate in childhood itself but it is never too late. Heard of the quote "A person who doesn't like to read hasn't found the right book yet! " So likewise there are millions of books across all genres, just waiting to be picked. Reading is a habit that calms your soul, it gives clarity and improves imagination. Making a point to read a small passage or just one page, will improve your vocabulary and help gain confidence. Reading is basically traveling without having to travel.
On the other hand, intensive reading is the kind that you do with your textbook or contract papers. It needs a lot of your attention and is mostly informative rather than pleasurable. Many people are not so fluent in reading and it scars their social lives, work opportunities, and basic everyday activities. Reading doesn't stop with just being able to spell out what's written. Comprehension and application go hand in hand with reading. Practice helps improve this part.
Wondering what, to begin with? On our website - redfoxeducation.com you will find e-books that you could read to your children and blog posts that might spark your interest. Today, the internet offers a wide range of ebooks that you could try if you aren't a very hardbound book person. Start with a topic that interests you -  adventure, educational, spiritual, self-help, motivational, fiction, non-fiction... there's nothing that there isn't there. So begin your adventure today and travel to different worlds and meet new people while being at the comfort of your own space.

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