6 steps to improving your English

6 steps to improving your English

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Of course English is just like any other language but it is also a language that is widely spoken all over the world. Sometimes English might seem a little tricky. This is because it is a new language and it's okay to feel stressed about something new. We will discuss 6 steps that will surely help you improve your language skills.
Step 1 - Make Mistakes
Firstly you must acknowledge the fact that you will make mistakes and making mistakes is okay. Yes, you heard me right - it's okay to make mistakes. Unless you do something wrong, how will you correct it? Speaking is more important than correctly speaking. I'm not saying that speaking wrong is good, but only if you start somewhere you will reach a place where you make less to no mistakes. So begin with speaking to yourself. What better place to start than a place where no one will judge you. The oldest trick in the book - speak in front of a mirror. This way you gain confidence at the same time it's just you so you aren't afraid of being wrong.
Step 2 - Talk to a Native speaker
When I said 'speak' in step 1, it mostly meant to yourself. So moving on to step two, I would recommend you having some native company. By native company I mean native speakers of English. Try becoming friends with a native speaker. You could also take up classes with native tutors, this way you practice at the same time you also have guidance. Red Fox Education offers online one on one and group classes with native speakers. You can learn from your teacher as well as from others in your group. They help you pronounce words correctly and you subconsciously pick up on many new words.
Step 3 - Make books your best friend
Read. Get into the habit of reading, the more you read; the more you learn. Reading helps you understand new words and the usage of them. You don't have to pick out something complicated. Even a book as simple as a child's bedtime story book would help you progress. Making reading a habit is one of the best things anyone could do. Apart from just helping you learn English, reading has many other benefits too. Check out our blog - Why Read? to understand the many other perks of making books your best friend.
Step 4 - Think in English
It is another essential way to improve your language without external judgement. When thinking in English you get practice as well as you feel more confident. Once this becomes a habit you don't have to constantly translate words from your regional language to English. It'll just flow. This way your fluency is improved greatly. So next time you are taking a walk or just sitting by yourself, letting your thoughts wander, remember to do it in English.
Step 5 - Movies & Series
If you already watch a lot of English movies, that's great because along with having fun and entertainment you are also learning. Movies can teach you a lot. Your brain tends to pick up on words, phrases and funny comebacks from movies. Next time you are in a similar situation, your mind will relate and bring back those words or phrases, and you will sound like someone who is very familiar with the language. Watching movies and series with subtitles also helps.
Step 6 - Confidence
This is a crucial step to remember. The more confident you are; the more fluent you will sound. Again it's okay to make mistakes. When you speak confidently people tend to miss out on the mistakes you make. So remember to make a mistake confidently but help yourself correct it later.

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