Our brain is one of the most important parts of your body. We are empty without it and hence need to exercise it and keep it healthy. That's what reading does.

Are you xenophobic?

Ever stood in front of an audience and panicked because you weren't able to convey your thoughts in English - it happens to most of us.

Are you ready to practice some Tongue twisters?

Tongue twisters are a simple way to improve your articulation and enunciation (saying a word clearly).

Do flashcards help learn English vocabulary?

Each vocabulary flashcard will have a word, picture, and audio file. To practice, the vocabulary, see a picture of the word, hear the audio try listening, and saying the word aloud. This will help you learn quickly and help to remember the word.

Red Fox IELTS courses – who are they for?

The average score attained by IELTS test-takers is 5.5. Consequently, most need to take at least two tests before they get the score required. Many under-prepared for the test and/or overestimate their own ability level and underestimate the diffi...
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