British English Animated Series on English conversation for kids. Improve your public speaking, group discussion, communication.

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Enjoy watching the English conversation between Red Fox and Tiffany. Improve your communication skills, pronunciation, accent, listening skills, and vocabulary. Created by experts from the UK. The learning materials for the product are valid for 3 months.
Family Members
My Siblings
Introducing Yourself
Parts of the body
Body Parts - The Head
Hair Colour and Style
People - portraits
People - appearance
People - Clothes 1
People - Clothes 2
People - Jobs
People - Health Problems
Animals - Pets
Animals - Farm
Animals - Zoo
Activity - Daily Routine
Activity - Hobbies
Activity - Sports
Activity - Holidays
Food - Fruit
Food - Vegetables
Food - Groceries
Food - Restaurant
Food - Drinks and Snacks
Home - My room
Home - Rooms in the house
Home - Helping at Home 1
Home - Helping at Home 2
School - Classroom Objects
Go - Where
Time - What time is it?
Time - Spring and Summer
Autumn and Winter
Numbers 1-20
When a student purchases our product they will have access to our learning materials, which are designed by experts from the UK.
Enjoy your learning journey!

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